Tobacco Time

So this years Tobacco crop has been started. As some of you may know, I’ve been trying to grow tobacco for the last 4 years. The first year I never got past my current stage (germination and 1st transplants). The second year I grew a few dwarf plants (they never really grew once I got them transplanted outside). I took last year off, and I’m at it again this year.

Here are a few first look photo’s, the first is my 12 best babies.

This picture shows the work area I carved out of our upstairs storage room. it’s a far cry from a nice greenhouse, but it does have a south facing window, plenty of light, and just enough room to fit all the right equipment.

This picture shows my new grow lights. I have two of these panels. I’ve been very impressed with these so far. they have definately sped up the process and the plants look way more healthy this year.

Here the lights are doing their bit. Pink! who would have thought. Makes sense when you give it some thought however. Most plants do not absorb the green & yellow bands of the visible spectrum, but instead rely on the red and violet. Variations on these also help the plants know the seasons. Very cool stuff.

so there you have it. I’ll post up again once they’re bit enough to transplant into solo cups. that’s the next stage for me. Hopefully by may they’re ready to harden off and move outside. I believe, but have not yet decided, that I’ll use a 5 gallon bucket garden for them. it’s an interesting concept but I’ve seen it done on google and looks a ton less invasive than tilling up the yard.

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