2019 Update

So it’s been well over a year since I posted something new. The primary reason was I had a plugin that prevented me from logging into word-press at all. I could have probably fixed that long ago, but the simple truth is that I was just unmotivated.

I did plant and harvest Red Fife wheat again, but it was a poor crop, and with our unusually rainy spring it was hard to find a time to get in and harvest it, plus it didn’t ripen up evenly. I harvested about 40 volume ounces of wheat (2 pickle jars). not much, but I did yield more than I planted so thats ok I suppose.

I’ve tried twice to get my tobacco to grow but I just can’t get it past the 4 leaf seedling stage, I think all my peat pods and soil may have gotten old or hell I don’t really know. Even with new seeds I couldn’t get it going. But I have found a source of air cured leaf that’s about $10 / lb so it’s been meeting my needs.

I’ve not gotten my telescopes out in quite some time. I just don’t seem to have the time and motivation, however that might change in the near future and here’s why…..

We bought an RV…. A big one… 🙂

Our new RV

We’re really excited about it. My folks had tiny travel trailers when I was a child, and I remember those times well, but we never traveled the nation with them, just the local lakes. So really, Shelly and I are both new to this, a bunch scared, but really… Really excited to get started traveling in something that doesn’t fly or float!

It also gives me a more reasonable platform for stargazing. I just need to find a way to pack the scopes and equipment away in a manner that limits the vibrations of the road, which shouldn’t be hard, this thing has plenty of storage.

For anyone out there thinking of starting out, I’d look to point out something that Shelly and I heard about, but didn’t really comprehend until this:

RV Stuff

This was the largest Amazon order I have ever placed. it was over 35 items, and still counting. All stuff that will need to go into the RV, and most of it is necessary. Shockingly so… I think most of the packages should arrive by tomorrow so it will grow a tad… :-\

Anyway, ya’ll should be cought up on my 2019 so far.