CG4 Fabrication

So, this is mainly a post to present some photo’s & measurements to Don, a fellow amateur astronomer, and a parts dealer.  he’s very helpful for those looking for spare / replacement parts.   Also, please forgive the background mess in the photo’s, I haven’t yet cleaned up from the last few days of storms and observing (busy week)… –  Tobin
Start Here:

To explain, took a SS of the spreadsheet I was using, along with some notes. Here you’ll find all the measurements recorded and organized. Hopefully in a manner that can be digested. I will add pictures below as they appear in the spreadsheet:
side by side (left CG4, right Clone):

Original EQ5 China Clone Bolt:

CG4 Bolt:

Complete assembly using original bolt, without spreader on CG4 tripod (works fine, just no spreader):

A comparison of the original (black top) and the cg4 (white top) tripods. with one of my tobacco plants mixed in to boot!

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