2014 Harvest Photos

Just a quick follow up post to add my 2014 Harvest Photo’s.  there’s not many, but should give you a good idea. – Tobin


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  1. Tobin

    Just wanted to point out, that if you look at the two different pictures of my stand of wheat, some things need explaining.

    1) photo 1 shows my wheat patch before it ripened.
    2) photo 6 shows my patch mostly harvested. but it looks funny and I’ll tell you why…

    When I planted my wheat patch, I tried to kill off most of the fescue grass that was previously planted. I failed… By the time my wheat was golden brown, the fescue that lived had grown tall enough to almost completely take over the wheat patch. It made havesting very difficult, and made the patch seem… Odd…

    This year I used a rototiller on it, and it looks MUCH better. I’ll be posting pictures up once the rain stops.


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