June 2017 Tobacco Update

here’s a quick end of May update and pics on my Tobacco. But first here’s a bit of history that’s missing from the story. 🙂

First off, my last post regarding the tobacco plants show them lined up nice and pretty in the back yard. It looked great, and they did well for a week, then the Oklahoma winds kicked in and thrashed them. some of the leaves turned black from being beat against the bucket so much… Because of this I decided to take a different direction, which turned into the indoor green house. Or maybe it should be called the pink house. Here’s some picks of the finished build:

The green house is a 4′ deep x70″ wide x70″ tall enclosure, walled with 3/4″ Styrofoam insulating sheets, and finally the inside is laminated with mylar sheeting to increase reflectivity.  In each of the 4 corners, I have flourescent T12 lamp fixtures, with 4 lights set to full spectrum, and 4 lights set as the pink red/blue spectrum for modern green houses.  I also added a couple fans to keep the air moving.  it works quite well,  and stays warm and humid though most of the day.  While the tobacco isn’t growing as well as I would have hoped, it is growing and I will have a decent crop.

so finally, here is a picture of what those 8 surviving tobacco plants look like today. There are 2 more surviving plants (10 total), but they’re outside in the garden and not doing as well.

Really the only thing that’s buging me is that I should have gone bigger.  I was trying to stay inside the same footprint as the workbench I removed,  but I’m thinking I should have gone bigger.  I’m finding new things I wanna grow indoors every day…

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