I began working on an area of the garage for my astronomy gear.  I’ll post up some pictures soon, but the gist:

Metal shelves for storing the gear (OTA’s, Tripods, Mounts, etc…)
Drop cloths draped over the shelves to limit dust exposure.
I installed red lights in various spots for night time, so I can have access to ALL the gear without hurting my night vision.
I’ll have a work space (red lit) outside to keep from putting EP’s in pockets or on ladders or chairs.

I’m really looking forward to having a nice clean area to work with.

so below is a picture of my setup for now. I’ve added a couple of overlapping painters drop clothes to keep the dust out of the shelves. I broke my phone camera so I can’t get a pic of that yet. Here’s what I had after the first night:

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