2017 Garden Projects

In the past, I’ve tried to document my gardening projects and exploits.  You see some of those attempts here,  but many… MANY more of them never get documented.   This year I’m going to try and document the whole gardening process,  and if we’re lucky with pictures too.   I have none to post today, but I plan on taking some tonight to get everyone caught up.

Aside from pictures here are a few things to note for the season ahead:


  1.   This year I’m trying Tobacco again.  I seeded a dozen or so peat pods last saturday and am waiting to see if it will germinate or not.  if not, then I’ll have to acquire more seeds I think. I stored them properly though so we should be fine.   The last time I tried to grow tobacco I managed to get about 6 plants large enough to transplant.  I don’t think I hardened them off well enough because only 2 survived any length of time, and those never made it more than 18″ tall with the largest leaf being about 6″.  Part of that is the places I Planted them (predominantly north facing),, and part of it was not having any experience transplanting as such.   This year I hope to do better.
  2. The wheat harvest will be half as big as in years past.  I sowed it last fall in September, irrigated it well, and had it well fertilized so It should be a good crop weather permitting. (Please, no hail!).  But I only used half of the usual plot.  the other half I’ve left fallow so I can use it for a normal vegetable garden this spring.   I’ll post up some pictures of the current stand.  I wish it was bigger, but I think I’ll enjoy my vegetables more.
  3. The main show!  so tonight I’ll head to the local hardware store and grab some carrot, broccoli, and hopefully some potato’s.  if not I’ll just use a spud from the grocery store.  both work just as well.  I think I’ll do potato’s in the 4 corners, and two to three rows of carrots in the middle.  I’ve grown broccoli before, but the bugs got it and I never got them under control, so no flower fruit.  I think I’ll try two rows of it this year and make sure to have the seven dust (or whatever is recommended) ready to keep the leaves intact.  I can’t think of anything else that needs to be started this early that I’ll actually want to eat.  Later in the season, perhaps after the wheat harvest, I’ll plant corn, okra, green beans, pea’s, and soybeans.  I haven’t yet checked the OSU extension office for the best times to plant on some of those, so I’m sure I’ll adjust.  I should have plenty of room this summer though.

Anyway,  this should help outline some of what I hope to accomplish this year.   While I will be plenty busy with other things, like my 10th wedding anniversary this July, the annual early August camping trip,  and the great solar eclipse of 2017 (August 21st to be exact),  I still expect to be able to fit in some significant gardening this year.  wish me luck!

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