A very large chunk of my astro-log has gone missing. I assure you that I have observed many times since the summer of 2015,  Including taking my 130ST & CG-4 to the mountains (South Central Colorado) for some dark sky observations.  I restored the greater majority of my new wordpress site from an old backup, and of course I knew I would be missing some of the newer content.  but I didn’t realize that I missed all of my 2016 logs.  I have efforted to try and retrieve the missing entries, but have failed.   So for now I’ll use this post to represent the missing data, and try and post what I can remember / find when I can.


August 2015 (Camping Trip from memory).
what I remember most was finding a couple different globular clusters. I remember that they wow’d me something fierce. I remember being underwhelmed by all the galaxies I found, including Andromeda, but content with a couple different nebula. I wish I could give you details for each observation but I just don’t remember and can’t find any of the paper I used. Overall, the experience was good, but not good enough to drag the scope back for the 2016 camping trip. It just takes everyone too long to settle down and turn the lights off, and by that time I’m ready for bed myself.

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