fixed the focuser on my Konus, as well as I was able anyway, and still got the same silly halo / focusing error that I’ve always gotten, so it wasn’t the focuser.  it’s not the collimation either since I’m nearly perfectly collimated at the moment.   It has to be a spherical Primary mirror and that basically is the last coffin nail on this scope.  it’s has very little worth to me now until I decide it’s ok to spend some money on a new primary.



On the brighter side, I pulled out the 130mm scope last night and tried to get as good of a visual as I could on Saturn. there was a lot of shimmer in the atmosphere last night, but I could still make out quite a lot of detail.  this was about 11pm so it was fairly high in the sky.   I gave it maybe 15-20 minutes of EP time before I put it all away and went to bed.

30min viewing.

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