A log of my nightly observations


fixed the focuser on my Konus, as well as I was able anyway, and still got the same silly halo / focusing error that I’ve always gotten, so it wasn’t the focuser.  it’s not the collimation either since I’m nearly…
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2015/05/30 I received the Laser collimator I ordered and promptly realized my new 8″ was badly out of collimation.  I had checked the scope when it arrived to find it was out, and noticed that the secondary was not showing…
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2015/05/29 Started with darker post-dusk skies,  set up the orions.   Little scope aimed at the moon, big scope aimed at planets.   Moon came in nicely with the filter,  Shelly got some good photo’s I believe.  Decided early into it to…
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5/25/2015 got some views of the moon, jupiter, and venus. Think I may have finally nabbed the BRS, but Couldn’t get more than about 200x without atmo.  Could have just been my imagination.  The moon looked great. Addy made me…
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  date Viewing logs 4/8/2015 During waning daylight hours I calibrated the finder scope, and tested functionality by viewing outdoor lights at Tinker AFB (.9mile dist).  Found Jupiter and Venus, tiny BB sized in 10mm EP, stripes mostly indestingusible. Addy…
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