date Viewing logs
4/8/2015 During
waning daylight hours I calibrated the finder scope, and tested functionality
by viewing outdoor lights at Tinker AFB (.9mile dist).  Found Jupiter and Venus, tiny BB sized in
10mm EP, stripes mostly indestingusible.
Addy couldn’t see stripes, but Shelly could. 1hr viewing.
04/092015 Researched
targets in preperation for a long night of viewing.  Found Jupiter and Venus, same results as
previous viewing.  Looked for some
DSO’s and came up empty, but did look at several different stars.  Tried to photograph jupiter with iphone and
my S5 but couldn’t get it consistently into the camera frame.  fun trying tho. did not find saturn.  2hrs total viewing
4/10/2015 Got a better
view of both Jupiter and Venus.
Jupiter is now pea sized (2x + 3x + 25mm {156x}) with good contrast,
stripes clearly visible.  Played with
barlow and EP combos and found the 25mm + 2x + 3x easiest to track and focus,
but the 2x + 10mm gave best picture. Venus was again a disapointment, small
bright light with phase appearent but not well focused.  Tried to find some DSO’s but still don’t
really know how to find them.   Tried
again to get pictures of the bigger better jupiter but same camera focus /
framing issues.  Did not find saturn.
2hrs viewing
04/142015 none
04/152015  Got a fantastic view of Jupiter at zenith
with moons, clear stripes, and best detail yet (6mm + 2x barlow).  Venus was in the west, again, hard to focus
it at high magnifications and the west was bad seeing as well.  Despite bad seeing in the lower western sky
I found the smaller (upper) bit of orions nebula (25mm + 2x barlow).   found saturn later that night low on the
SE horizon, Bad seeing, featurless milky disk with ring 2x+6mm (resembling
galelleo’s handles), sharp focused edges tho.
got a better view with moons using 2x+10mm.  couldn’t find any other DSO’s despite
4/17/2015 NONE
4/19/2015 Start off by
getting my first glimpse of the moon (waxing crescent) tonight.  Fantastic despite bad seeing.  Used a Bahtinov gadget to get a better
focused view of venus.  Spend copious
time viewing orions nebula, but again it was very faint and greyish, no
color.  4 stars in a cup formation,
with 3 stars in line off to the right.
Tried to catch jupiters big red spot, but couldn’t get that fine of
detail.  seeing was ultimately pretty
bad.   ~1hr viewing time.
4/23/2015 NONE
4/24/2015 wasn’t able
to get a good view of Jupiter’s details, nor the moon’s really. Weather was
just not good for seeing.  But we tried
until the clouds completely took over.
Took a few pics with new rig.
30min viewing(ish)
4/25/2015 Moon,
Jupiter, Venus, Saturn.   Spent
significant time viewing all the mentioned solar objects.  Seeing was good in early evening but got
worse in the AM hours.  Was able to get
a grainy photo of jupiter with two primary bands, several nice shots of the
moon, and a white blob for saturn.
Will need to try a better camera next time.  spent an hour or so using the 2x + 6mm
lense to get nice 200+ magnification views of most of the same objects.  the Moon is just WOW…   bout 4hrs viewing.
4/30/2015 Tried again
to get some good photo’s using my sony compact camera.  Was able to get some decent images of the
moon, but without a remote trigger everything was too bouncy.  30min viewing.
4/30/2015 Tried again
with my galaxy s5 camera.  Much better
results overall but still needs work.
45min viewing.
4/30/2015 NONE
5/1/2015 Early
Morning viewing of saturn returned more of the same.  Bad seeing, well defined, yet terribly
washed out pale yellow shape.  15min
5/5/2015 NONE
5/7/2015 NONE
5/10/2015 Seeing
sucked, but star filled skies looked great.
Jupiter, venus, saturn, and some wide field scrolling for nothing
perticular.  Fun, but frustrating lack
of seeing.  Tried 500x on jupiter but
couldn’t get more than a bright ball.
Still very bright tho for a partly cloudy night.    The Konus will see jupiter even through
moderate clouds. very nice.  But the
glowing halo is very disconerting.
Bout 90min of viewing.
5/11/2015 Tonight I
set up both scopes side by side in the dark shadow of my house.  I took beads on jupiter with both and the
image quality is strikingly different.
The halo effect seen on the konus is absent on the orion.  Further, I found it hard to get stars into
focus with the konus.  Shelly agreed
that something is wrong with the konus scope.
bout 2hrs of viewing
5/12/2015 Konus:  Jupiter appeared ok at first, but the glow
came back with more viewing, saturn had a nasty glow too.  Better views overall, but still not crisp
like the 130mm.  I really can’t tell
that the ring did any good, it appears as though it did on Jupter to start,
but then the glow came back.   I used
only my 8x-24x zoom with a barlow so 50x to 250x mag viewing on all
objets.  saturn wouldn’t come into
focus above 200x.  bout 90min viewing.
5/14/2015 NONE
5/17/2015 Not great
seeing, but acceptable.   Found the
best power for jupiter is x160(ish).
6mm in konus (167) and 8mm barlowed in 133mm (163) give a very similar
view of Jupiter.  I think the felt ring
helped a bit, as both are acceptable views, but the 200mm is showing much
more atmosphere.   Used the Dob to Star
surf a bit.  lots of stars visible on a
grey background.   Need to find a dark
5/18/2015 Acceptable
seeing overall.   130mm scope gave good
views of Jupiter, venus, and Saturn.  I
managed my best view of Venus to date, very pretty well defined half
“moon” phase.  Jupiter looked
as good as it always does at that low of power, and saturn looked the same as
well.    Used the Konus to do more star
surfing,  saw two fast moving stars
(probably sattelites), but otherwise just normal stars, no fuzzies.   Shelly spent significant time with the
130mm looking at the planets.  She’s
starting to learn how to use the GEM style mounts & finders. 🙂   bout 2hrs viewing.
5/19/2015 NONE

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