Welcome to my Blog!

As you will find out, almost immediately I’m sure,   I’m not much of a writer.  I can type like the wind, but getting the words to “mean” something coherent isn’t something I’m good at.   Still, I will try.

I do this not only because I want a review of my exploits, kind of a diary, but also because I know some of my friends and associates might be interested in some of the things I’ve been up to.  Plus there really is lots of content to report on overall.  From my old Lego hobby that got ruined by the.. Tornado event.  To my music hobby that continually gets sidetracked due to my shyness and lack of confidence.   To my Gardening, which is going nowhere this year, to my “Shop” hobbies like woodworking and various other mechanical contraptions.   Like, for instance, my threshing machine.  a new hobby poped up in early April thanks to my awesome wife; Astronomy.   I now have two larger aperture telescopes with which I can surf the heavens.

The old “Duff’s World” blog got killed,  by me, by accident, so outside of having all the old photo’s, I no longer have the old text and blogs.  I’m not worried about it much since I hadn’t updated or messed with in in almost 5 years…   Plus I’ve moved on and have lots of other stuff I’d like to share.

Anyway,  enjoy.


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